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 Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier – Alan Zweibel, Abrams Books

“Comics and comedy fans alike will delight in this hilarious and self-deprecating memoir.”  — Publisher’s Weekly

This zippy memoir by comedians’ comedian Zweibel (The Other Shulman) offers laughs on nearly every page. Though Zweibel’s name isn’t well known outside of comedy circles, he has worked with a who’s-who of stars, including Milton Berle and Larry David. A Jewish boy from Long Island, Zweibel started out in 1972 working in a deli in Queens and writing gags for Borscht Belt comics at $7 each. (For Rodney Dangerfield: “My mother wouldn’t breastfeed me. She said she liked me as a friend.”) Industriousness, luck, and a binder stuffed with 1,100 jokes got him on staff for Saturday Night Live’s inaugural season in 1975… Read more 


S2 E150: Alan Zweibel Returns with More “SNL” Stories, PLUS- Live Phone Calls

The All New Dennis Miller Option

Original “Saturday Night Live” writer Alan Zweibel is back, to talk about recording his audiobook, an upcoming live event with Judd Apatow, the unique presence of Michael O’Donoghue, Christopher Guest, the impact Buck Henry had on Alan’s career, the musical stylings of The Rock Bottom Remainders, offering the Beatles $3,000 to reunite on SNL, manager Bernie Brillstein and much more! Listen here



Alan Zweibel Norman LearNorman Lear Alan Zweibel

July 8, 2020

Comedy Writers Alan Zweibel and Norman Lear on how Laughter Can Help Heal Hardships on CBS This Morning

Alan Zweibel, one of the original writers on Saturday Night Live, and legendary television producer Norman Lear join CBS News’ Dr. Jon LaPook to discuss what they learned from setbacks in their own careers. Zweibel is out with a new memoir called “Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier.” He and Lear discuss the role of comedy when dealing with difficult situations — and how this outlook can help people cope amid the coronavirus pandemic. Kate Lear, Norman’s daughter (who also happens to be Dr. LaPook’s wife), shares the philosophies her father adopted after his less successful moments in show business.

LISTEN HERE for Apple Podcast (edited)




Alan Zweibel comedy writer

How Alan Zweibel Made a Career of Helping People Be Funnier

May 28, 2020

By Steven Gaydos

Alan Zweibel clearly knows funny. He’s accrued multiple Emmy wins and nominations for his time on the comedy writing teams of “Saturday Night Live” and “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” the latter of which he co-created, plus writing credits on several hit films, books, theater works and comedy/variety specials for mega-talents such as Paul Simon, Gilda Radner, Billy Crystal and Steve Martin… Read more



Alan ZweibelComedy Tonight: ‘S.N.L.’ Then and Now


Alan Zweibel was an original Saturday Night Live writer. He was the co-creator and producer of It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. He’s won multiple Emmy and Writers Guild awards, written 11 books and Tony-winning Broadway plays, and created a few films and TV shows.

Sure, you’re saying. But what has he done for us lately?

For starters, he’s..Read more


May 7, 2020

Alan Zweibel is on the line, and the guys talk about the quiet genius of Kate McKinnon. Alan also talks about his experiences in his early days of writing comedy, and taking a chance on a strange new show called ‘Saturday Night Live’. Later they discuss some of the classic SNL sketches, as well as Alan’s work on ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’, and Shandling’s complicated personality. Before the break, the group also talks about Jeffrey Tambor’s ‘Me Too’ incident… Watch the two-part podcast here


April 27, 2020


“It’s the medicine we can all use right now” — People 

Laugh Lines


E! Online selected Laugh Lines as one of the 10 Books Celebrities Love

by CAROLIN LEHMANN | Mon., Apr. 6, 2020 3:17 PM

Laugh Lines by Alan Zweibel

You’re going to have to practice some patience with this one: Laugh Lines doesn’t come out until April 21, 2020, but if its celeb endorsements from Larry DavidSarah SilvermanJudd ApatowSteve Martin and more are any indication, you’re going to want to pre-order it ASAP… read more:


Alan Zweibel Is Your Favorite Comic’s Secret Weapon

A chat with the writer who penned punchlines for the original cast of Saturday Night Live, survived Roger Ebert’s most devastating burn, and may be the only guy in the biz to have been flashed by both Farrah Fawcett and Milton Berle.  

Laugh LinesS2 E119: Original SNL Writer Alan Zweibel talks comedy, meats and more!

The All New Dennis Miller Option

Former “Saturday Night Live” writer and co-creator of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show!” Alan Zweibel discusses his new book “Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier”, starting his career writing for borscht belt comedians while slicing deli meat, doing stand-up with Billy Crystal, how he gravitated towards Weekend Update and Herb Sargent whom Dennis also wrote with when he was there. Alan also discuss working with Garry Shandling, Martin Short, Buck Henry, his friendship with Gilda Radner, writing John Belushi’s Samurai sketches, a truly unique interaction with Milton Berle and much more!  Listen here

April 20, 2020

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! with Frank Santopadre

Gilbert and Frank welcome back Emmy-winning comedy writer ALAN ZWEIBEL for a funny, freeform conversation about bad reviews, least-loved SNL hosts, feuding celebrity couples, unsung Catskills comedians and Alan’s new memoir, “Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier.” Also, Gilda Radner struggles with fame, Abe Vigoda plays an eskimo, Alan gets heckled by a young Bill Murray and Frank reveals his favorite “Saturday Night Live” sketch of all time. PLUS: “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”! The craftsmanship of Alan King! The wit and wisdom of Herb Sargent! The REAL Broadway Danny Rose! And Alan remembers his friend, the late, great Buck Henry! Listen here

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It’s ‘Alchemy’: Alan Zweibel Explains How He Helps ‘Funny People Be Funnier

5-Minute Listen

Billy Crystal has been friends with Alan Zweibel for more than 40 years, but he’ll be blunt: “Alan was the worst stand-up comic,” Crystal recalls of Zweibel’s sets in the early 1970s. “He just looked panicked.”  Even Zweibel admits that he was “dreadful” on stage… read more:



Alan Zweibel: Hosted by Kelly Carlin

August 23, 2020

Veteran comedy writer Alan Zweibel (“SNL,” “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”) discusses his new memoir – which chronicles five decades in comedy – with writer, actress, and radio host Kelly Carlin, daughter of George Carlin.  WATCH HERE


Relatively Sane with Jessica Kirson

August 4, 2020

Jessica talks with Alan Zweibel (SNL, Curb Your Enthusiasm, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show) about being relatively sane.  Watch here!



In Conversation: Alan Zweibel & Judd Apatow: What’s So Funny About America?

Alan Zweibel and Judd Apatow

August 6, 2020
Alan Zweibel Judd Apatow



July 23, 2020

This week JV is super honored to interview one of her comedy heroes, the wonderful, humble and hilarious Alan Zweibel (“Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier”), who was a writer on the first (and subsequent) seasons of “Saturday Night Live,” co-creator of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show,” co-writer of “700 Sundays” with Billy Crystal, and much more! LISTEN HERE


Alan Zweibel comedy writerJuly 21, 2020

Alan Zweibel, original “Saturday Night Live” writer and author of “Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier” talks about SNL, Carl Reiner,  and life under COVID.  LISTEN HERE


Alan Zweibel

Today, Alan Zweibel talks about a lifetime in comedy from his days at “Saturday Night Live” to co-creating the groundbreaking TV show, “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.” 

Listen here

June 19, 2020



What to Watch

A new season of ‘Yellowstone’ hits Paramount Network, ‘Scare Package’ spills gallons of blood on Shudder and a comedy legend recommends Netflix’s ‘Middleditch & Schwartz’

An Expert Recommends: ‘Middleditch & Schwartz’


Alan Zweibel writes about his long career in comedy in his new memoir, “Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier.” Here, one of the original writers of “Saturday Night Live” recommends the work of David Mamet and the improv of “Middleditch & Schwartz.”

“I don’t generally like watching comedies because it’s something I do. I like dramatic things because it’s something that I can’t do. I couldn’t have written ‘Glengarry Glen Ross,’ for example, so I marvel at that part of the brain that David Mamet has that mine hasn’t developed. That said, I can’t recommend ‘Middleditch & Schwartz’ highly enough. It’s two guys on a bare stage who ask the audience for a suggestion, just like an improv group would. But they take that suggestion and, on their feet, ad-lib a coherent play based on what that suggestion is. Forever, people have been doing improvs. But the improvs, if you take ideas from the audience, are usually three, four or five-minute sketches. On Netflix, each special is almost an hour! And it is coherent and funny. They may say something, uh, let’s say seven minutes into it, which seems innocuous. And a half-hour later, they call it back for a big laugh. It’s the most spectacular thing.”


LIVE TALKS LA Alan Zweibel in conversation with Dave Barry about LAUGH LINES May 8, 2020

Humor Writer of the Month: Alan Zweibel

Laugh Lines Best comedy writer book

Alan Zweibel is a comedy writing legend whose memoir, Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier, is receiving well-deserved acclaim. It’s included in People magazine’s “The Best New Books” section and earned a positive review in The New York Times this weekend… Read more


Alan Zweibel Laugh Lines
Alan Zweibel Garry Shandling
Alan Zweibel, right, and Garry Shandling (Courtesy photo)



Original “SNL” Writer Alan Zweibel on His New Memoir

“Laugh Lines” is the candid, big-hearted story of a comedian’s comic.

TOP PICK MAY 31, 2020

He’s the guy who created Gilda Radner’s immortal Roseanne Roseannadanna. “Weekend Update”? Most of the original punch lines were his. He went on to collaborate with icons like Billy Crystal, Larry David and Garry Shandling. But  Alan Zweibel wasn’t always a Tony- and Emmy Award-winning writer. Oh no. He got his start writing jokes for… Read more


“SNL” Writer Alan Zweibel Shares Stories from Hollywood

Alan Zweibel KATU Laugh LinesMay 29, 2020

If you love the early years of “Saturday Night Live” or are a fan of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” it’s likely because of Alan Zweibel! He started his comedy career selling jokes for seven dollars apiece to the last of the Borscht Belt standups. Then one night, despite bombing on stage, he caught the attention of Lorne Michaels and became one of the first writers at Saturday Night Live! Alan joined us to share stories from his illustrious career, including having a hand in a series of landmark shows—from “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” which he details in his new memoir: Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier.  Watch here


Laugh Lines: Alan Zweibel with Lewis Black, Susie Essman and Mary Karr

May 25, 2020

Join Alan Zweibel and good friends Lewis Black, Susie Essman and Mary Karr for a hilarious evening talking about what makes us laugh from the script to the stage, in movies, and on TV… Watch here



EP 51 One of SNL’s original writers, Alan Zweibel New project working on with Tiffany Haddish & Billy Crystal “Here Today” out soon.The Adam Ferrara Podcast.   

Listen at 9 min



Alan Zweibel Television AcademyZOOM-IN WITH ALAN ZWEIBELInterview with Dan Pasternack

START OF ZOOM INTERVIEW DURING THE COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: On Alan’s latest book, Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People be Funnier, and the challenges of promoting a book during the pandemic; on the recent death of his mother and trying to find the funny in it all…  Listen here


Alan Zweibel’s Share Stories From His Funny Memoir, ‘Laugh Lines’

Alan Zweibel’s tender, funny memoir, LAUGH LINES, takes readers through his long career in the comedy-writing business and charts the story and changes in what made America laugh over the decades… Listen here


Alan Zweibel: ‘Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier’

Hosted by Elvis Mitchell 

Every week, host Elvis Mitchell conducts in-depth interviews with the most innovative and influential people working in entertainment, art, and pop culture… Listen here


LOS ANGELES (AP) — You may not know it, but if you treasure the early years of “Saturday Night Live” or are a fan of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” or “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Alan Zweibel makes you laugh.

In nearly 50 years and counting as a writer, Zweibel helped shape the tone of “SNL” and crafted TV and stage projects with Billy Crystal, Gilda Radner and Larry David… read more


Alan Zweibel Comedy

Alan Zweibel is funny. But tech is not funny. Not for him.


Comedy writing legend Alan Zweibel is plugging his new book “Laugh Lines,” remotely, without book signings, and he tells of the occasional struggle with tech to Jefferson Graham. Listen here…

best comedy writer book

Comedian and writer Alan Zweibel coming – virtually – to JCC

Zweibel, who’s also celebrating his new memoir, “Laugh Lines My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier,”  joins us on Good Day Rochester via Zoom.   Watch here


On this edition of Bagels and Broadway, one of the most prolific comedy writers ever — Alan Zweibel— talks about writing for comedians in his new book “Laugh Lines.” Listen here at 13:00


DAVE PLIER  May 15, 2020

Legendary SNL Writer Alan Zweibel: ‘Laugh Lines, My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier’; Working with John Belushi, Gilda Radner, Garry Shandling, Billy Crystal, Larry David and More

PHOTO: HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 12: (L-R) Special Guests Alan Zweibel and Billy Crystal attend the Hand and Footprint Ceremony: Billy Crystal at the 2019 10th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival on April 12, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TCM)

Alan Zweibel, legendary writer and producer of the first seasons of Saturday Night Live’, ‘It’s Garry Shandling’s Show’, Curb Your Enthusiasm and more hangs with Dave to talk about his new book, ‘Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier’!

24-Minute Listen


‘Let’s Just Make Each Other Laugh’: Inside the Chaotic First Week of SNL


In an excerpt from his new book “Laugh Lines,” original SNL writer Alan Zweibel remembers what it was like at the very beginning.

“Let’s just make each other laugh. And if we do, we’ll put it on television. . . read more:


Alan Zweibel comedy bookComedy Writer Alan Zweibel Curates Memoirs With Help From Funny Friends He’s Made Funnier


Memory is a funny thing – and Alan Zweibel knows a bit about what’s funny.

Over his nearly 50 years writing comedy, Zweibel has worked with the likes of Bill Murray, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Larry David, Dave Barry and more. Now he’s gone over his past with a fine-tooth comb to put together his autobiography Laugh Lines: My Life Helping Funny People Be Funnier.

In a phone conversation promoting his upcoming virtual appearance on May 21, the writer explains his entry into penning his own history… Read more


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Love, Gilda – Alan shares some of his funny and heartfelt moments about his dear friend, Gilda, in this extraordinary documentary.

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“. . .But to those who knew him, the ‘real’ Garry Shandling, (like Alan did), understood he was a far more complex person. “

Watch Alan in Judd Apatow’s new HBO series The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling.


GILBERT is a wildly funny and unexpectedly poignant portrait of the life and career of one of comedy’s most iconic figures, Gilbert Gottfried.

Some very funny stories about his long time friend told by Alan in  his very enchanting documentary, Gilbert.