Thank you, Andy Borowitz

I am a big fan of Andy.

The few times we’ve met I liked him a lot and I admire him greatly as a talent.   Yes, we’re both writers with leanings toward the absurd. 

But in these particular times, with you-know-who besmirching the halls of the White House I envy how Andy can watch the same political news shows I do and make a full meal out of it with a smart satirical twist, such as, “White House Denies Any Ties To United States” while all I can offer is a feeble, “Jesus, is that Trump an asshole or what?”   See the difference?

 His is irony, while mine, at best, is an utterance. Sure, I have other strengths.  And I tap into them in my own writing while some 24-hour news channel is on in my office serving as a much sought after distraction other than a Law & Order SVU repeat.  So while I peck away at my own work, I thank Andy, as well as, the current writers and cast at my alma mater, Saturday Night Live, for offering intelligent hilarity on an otherwise disturbing state of affairs.