Thank you, Andy Borowitz

I am a big fan of Andy.

The few times we’ve met I liked him a lot and I admire him greatly as a talent.   Yes, we’re both writers with leanings toward the absurd. 

But in these particular times, with you-know-who besmirching the halls of the White House I envy how Andy can watch the same political news shows I do and make a full meal out of it with a smart satirical twist, such as, “White House Denies Any Ties To United States” while all I can offer is a feeble, “Jesus, is that Trump an asshole or what?”   See the difference?

 His is irony, while mine, at best, is an utterance. Sure, I have other strengths.  And I tap into them in my own writing while some 24-hour news channel is on in my office serving as a much sought after distraction other than a Law & Order SVU repeat.  So while I peck away at my own work, I thank Andy, as well as, the current writers and cast at my alma mater, Saturday Night Live, for offering intelligent hilarity on an otherwise disturbing state of affairs.




Writing is Rewriting, Revisiting & Tweaking

Having been a professional comedy writer for over 40 years now,  I am more than confident in my assertion that the key to writing is rewriting.  All ideas, no matter how noble, will realize their ultimate merit after a series of revisits and tweaks.  Sure, some attempts will near their mark in fewer tries.  But virtually no piece of writing is exempt from this arduous process. 

To this day it continues to amaze me how even a seemingly simple task will take much longer than anticipated.  For example, in the above photo where I was merely practicing my signature,  I went through three legal pads before spelling Zweibel properly.